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  1. I have the AStars Supertech which has the inner boot and I have been a big fan (even tested them in anger and they held up well). I switched from a pair of the Sidi Vertigo Air and while I liked them in general, i had an interesting problem develop. The inside ankle armor plate on the Sidi developed a split in the stiching and the heel gaurd on my bike would get caught on that when cornering. First time it happened it almost caused me to go down. I had them repaired twice but it kept reoccoring. The AStars have a smooth inner surface (since the armor is on the inner boot) and its even surfaced
  2. Welcome Josh! Tell us more about you and your bike. I went through some issue with bike setup and recently had my suspension resprung and the valves done. It has made a massive difference. And which east coast tracks have you ridden with CSS on?
  3. And speaking of Rossi, I loved his quote: "This is my 300th GP, so I'm in the middle of my career, another 300 before the end!" Love him or hate him, he's entertaining.
  4. Welcome to the forum rosok! I know what you mean about the houses. I grew up quail hunting in Florida. Now when I visit I see nothing but houses where we used to field trial. {sigh} Its great to hear you got back on the track, and on an 86 VFR 750 no less! I wanted on of those badly when they came out. Sadly I was a broke student and couldnt afford one. You should post up a few pictures if you have any. Best, Carey
  5. While watching a rider who one day may be mentioned in the same breath as Ago and Vale is literally history in the making, it can get a bit boring watching him clear off into the distance like everyone else is running on 3 cylinders. It was really exciting watching him fight it out last weekend. Now if Rossi can continue his improvement maybe we can see a few 3 way battles. Wouldn’t that be a treat...
  6. I have had an R6 and I currently track an S1000RR. I purposly went with the BMW after riding it with CSS. I thought the combination of TC, ABS, and the multiple riding modes made it the perfect bike to grow with my abilty and add a safety factor to track riding. It is a fantastic track machine and I think the fact that CSS believes they are a great training tool is a big plus for the S1000RR. As for spring rates, it is sprung for approximately a 165lb rider so as your pace increases you will want to consider suspension work (but then that would be the case with any production bike unless y
  7. Its hard to argue with that statement. Roadracing World even did a nice write up on BSB (last year I believe). And considering all the challenges the AMA series has undergone I can only be envious of you being so close! So how was the opening round?
  8. I went with the Carbone Lorraines frankly because they were recommended by the guys at Sportbiketrackgear.com for the s1000rr. I replaced a set of EBCs but it is hard to compare them because I also upgraded to the Brembo RCS MC pretty much at the same time. I did have one track day on the new MC with EBCs before swapping but its probably unfair to compare the last day of one to the first day on the other. That said I have been happy with the CLs. They bite well and are not so agressive that turn 1 scare me . I also use the Motul RBF 600 fluid but I honestly couldn't tell the difference on tha
  9. It's a habit I got into early on. Maybe it had something to do with the little GP bikes I rode when I was a pesky teenager. Have a look at this picture of Marc Marquez and tell me what you see there. This is an interesting observation to me as well. I have very wide feet (3E) and tend to rotate my toes out when I turn in. Unless I have the rearset peg in the crook of my toes I end up dragging my toe slider. And when I do have my foot that far back I dont feel properly connected to the bike. I may have to experiment with alternate foot positioning at my next level 4. Dylan - if
  10. Welcome to the forum dkk. Tell us more your riding, are you a track day junkie looking to get faster or a street rider looking to get safer on the road? Are there any particulate areas of your riding that you are currently focused on? Best, Carey
  11. If I were you I would ask the coaches you worked with in level 1 & 2. You can PM Cobie and ask if they are comfortable with you emailng them directly. In my experience, the coaches have been very open to sharing some additional feedback following working with a student. I havent worked with Chris but I have had James as a coach and I'd be surprised if he wouldnt be able to tell you if you were right for Code RACE. Best, Carey
  12. Last year Cobie mentioned they had been working with Stomp Grip on the more aggressive pads for the school and that if they were a success they might be made available to the general public. You should PM him and let him know you liked them. I'm sure he will let them know.
  13. Awesome post Jason. I cant imagine dealing with PTSD but I do know that the feeling of everything else dropping away is one of the things I love about the track. As for winning races...well...when people hear that I track ride they ask if I'm fast. I tell them the truth "Not really, but I'm faster than those who dont do it at all". Nice work sir.
  14. Fantastic! Make sure you post up and let us know how it goes. Or maybe we will get to read about Nic in RRW some more .
  15. I used to wear Shoei and liked them, they fit my noggin, I liked the way the visor changed, and I didn’t think they were too loud. But I replaced my last one with an Aria Corsair V and I was amazed at the aerodynamic difference. The Arai really seems to cut through the air better. It especially doesn’t seem to catch as much air when I turn my head. And it flows a ridiculous amount of air. That said it is the loudest helmet I have ever ridden in, not a big problem on the track but it's not as street friendly as the Shoei. One helmet I might consider is the carbon fiber KBC. Cobie was r
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