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  1. Nope, had a fair lick on though, who was it? Bullet That would be Dylan Code.
  2. Here's a video on a S1000RR at NJMP Thunderbolt, taken with a SmaryCam. Can you guess who the rider is?
  3. Here's a graph showing the speed of the bike and the relative speeds of the front & rear wheels. (Click for larger image)
  4. Link doesn't work for me. I'm interested in seeing the video
  5. SF; I'm not qualified to comment but I though that you were riding really well up until the 6:38 mark or so. BTW, I was watching the data and couldn't see how you could tell you were trailng the brakes in. How do you decipher that data from the screen if I may ask? Rainman There are two boxes with numbers in them, just to the left of the blinking shift indicator. The upper one shows a positive number under acceleration and negative for deceleration (braking). In the turn it was showing a negative 0.1 which would indicate I was still on the brake. I plan on adding the actual brake light indicator, but BMW has made it difficult. The brake light assembly is driven by the ECU via a digital signal, not simple voltage.
  6. Why? The feedback you would get from a consistent and constant review of on-track performance would yield much faster times than buying a new Ohlins setup, IMO. If you don't have a coach watching your every move (they become your data logger) then you're essentially relying on your memory as to why you blew turn 3 on the 5th lap. In the attached video, I would have passed a polygraph claiming I was off the brake in the final turn where I went down. Turns out I was trailing into the turn.
  7. I hope I don't ride like that!! That was taken at Monza racetrack in Italy.
  8. The big error was not looking ahead until I passed each point. Notice the helmet doesn't move until each point (turn-in, apex, etc). I thought I was already doing this properly. Once it was pointed out, the track magically appeared wider and the sensation of speed dropped, which resulted in a much improved lap time.
  9. Here are some videos. In both cases we were asked to go 75% of "normal" speed. The second day video was done in third gear with little or no braking, but it was 4 seconds faster than day 1. After the critique of the second video and correction of the glaring error (pretty obvious once it was pointed out), the lap time dropped 8 seconds!! Day 1 Level 1 Day 2 Level II
  10. This solution is a lot more money ($999), which I got from Jeff at Optimum MotorSports. Lucky for me, he moved from Detroit to within 10 miles of my house, so I have on-site tech support We spend a whole lot of money on suspension, tires and other stuff, when real-time feedback would probably do a whole lot more to improve lap-times. The SmartyCam has the advantage of overlaying data on the video, which can be very helpful. CSS uses the S1000RR which conveniently has CAN wires to link to the ECU in the tail of the bike (factory alarm connector). So pulling data from the ECU is a breeze. It's not cheap, but it's built like a tank. For about $1250, you would have a complete setup that reads ECU data and overlays it on the screen like this: Here is a video:
  11. I had this exact problem (Shoei RF1000) at the CSS at Thunderbolt last week. They had foam for me to try and it made a HUGE difference. Hard to pick reference points when you can't see them! Here is a good shot of Rossi with his forehead showing.
  12. I agree with Dan. We were grouped together (bike 25) so we both had Lyle (who was excellent). From day 1 to day 2, the improvements were remarkable. I shaved 10 seconds off the lap times between the two days!! All while actually "feeling" slower (read: more in control). I'll have to scrape up the funds to attend August as well.
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