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  1. Crash106, I got it. Man, the whole week I was so much focused on late turn in point and quick turn techniques, that I totally forgot about APEX!! . Today I did try to connect the dots from turn in point to the apex. Of course it worked for me ! THANK YOU! Another thing I found scary today is looking far into the exit point of the turn. After hittin apex and exiting the turn, I find myself looking 10 feet in front of me and unconsciously to the outside of the turn (not staring but that's where my mind 'look'). I feel as if I will start running wide if I don't look to the outside of the turn. What should I do? pick up drill, cant remember the chapter but its in TOTW2 but its chapter 19 on the TOTW DVD Thanks Fellas for the updates...this will definitely help when I need to ask more questions when I attend Level I in August at NJMP(by the way that track is awsome..I was there this past weekend for the July 3rd-4th celebrations with TPM). I can't wait to get back on that track with the SuperBike school:lol:
  2. I have talked to several people about this topic and some understand and some just tell me "Get your body like this and the bike will automatically turn for you, just as long as you get your head where you can kiss the mirror". I have been reading the TOTW2 book and watching the DVD and noticed how much quicker it is to steer the bike with a little bar pressure(I used to try pressing straight down..:-), but my question is when cornering in the "hang-off" position are you still in your seat or are you standing on the inside bar? I have seen some videos on Youtube (Andy Ibbott) and noticed that he was slightly out the seat to slide back and forth across the seat. I just wanted to know if this same rule applies to taking a corner. Thanks!
  3. I haven't a clue..I was just talkin about the highlighted day where I am attending the CSS.
  4. is going to CSS on Aug 2nd :-)

  5. Maybe we can join at the same time and become rivals..LMAO!! That's good, I hope to see you out there. I am pretty sure I will love the Level 1 class if it's anything like reading the book, and watching the video(just more feedback).
  6. Awsome!! I might sign up for 2 on Friday(payday..LMAO!!)...Im in the Upper Marlboro area. PM so you can go on some rides that we have down this way...
  7. Hello, I wanted to stop by and say that this forum is great for feedback. I have been trolling the forum and finally decided to join today. I will be attending the CSS (August 2nd and possibly August 3rd if there are spots available), I am a new rider (approximately 1yr), but have been riding everyday and weekend since last year. I recently just finished my first trackdays at Summit Point Main and been reading/watching the TOTW 2 book and video, and when applying those techniques on the track I realized that it greatly improved my riding on the streets and the track, instantly I was hooked! I can't wait to get on the track and have some one actually critique my riding, because I would like to do some racing eventually...
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