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  1. I am going to do Level 4 this year. My goal is to improve my body position. Canyon carving I have touched the cylinder head protectors of my BMW R1100S several times which means I need to get the bike up and the knee down. I need to conquer this skill soon, those protectores are a 140US a piece! Body wise I am fit slender and healthy.
  2. A fellow biker once told me there are two kinds of riders. Those that have fallen and those that will fall. So, I would not worry about low siding if I were you. Rather concentrate on improving your skills. From new riders I have learned that fear of falling comes as an inner voice resulting from the cooking in turns beyond there abilities. So my advice, slow down and take your turns smoother and remember your throttle control! Ride safe Riq
  3. Rique What kind of lean angle were you running? Riding a school bike? Ago At the time my puck hit pretty steep . Pardon me but when you refer to a "School Bike" you need to be aware that its a BMW S1000RR. Current king of superbikes by a long margin. You make it sound like a clunker
  4. +1 Wheelies should be tought because this is learned by most the dangerouse way... trial and error. no kidding.
  5. It would really be nice to learn how to get the knee down. I recall on the last few turns of Level Three I felt a lowed screaching noise that scared the bejuses out of me and made me lift the bike. I then realized that was my puck. I did it again and it felt awsome. If this technique could be tought in a controlled way it would be great. How about Level 4 2012 at Barber
  6. I tried the test on my laptop in bed and with a mouse on a desk. The differences are great and very hardware dependent. oh, my best time 142 WTF!
  7. I started riding in my late thirties and was convinced that I had the talent and physical dispossition. My father a very tallented rider started riding at 7 and always tried to push me into riding. This backfired and I hated bikes. One day the riding gene clicked in and I purchased a bike and started practicing. One aspect that many of you have not mentioned is determination. I recall the exact moment in my life when I decided I would be a great rider or at least try. I believe all world class riders posses true determination to become the best they can. This fuels the urge to learn, practice and push their limits.
  8. You need to get trained and CSS is the place. The lean bike will not teach you how to Quick flip the bike. Don't be hard on yourself it only make things worse. From what you describe you are going way to fast for your skill. Slow down, follow good lines and flip yer bike.
  9. When in city trafic I adjust my brake lever for full four finger braking. I always have my four on the brake. You have to be ready to pull that lever. While riding I push the lever away leaving distance for one or two fingers and I ride with my finger away from the barke while accelerating. Justa mya 2 cents.
  10. Thanks to all, I feel you are all right to an extent. No doubt my skills have gone way up after CCS. As Cobie states if you are not at the track you will loose skills. There is just no way to ride on the street as you would on track. I have a refresh 3 and level 4 programed for 2012. Got get back on track before the end of the world!
  11. After Level 1,2,3 at CCS my tolerance to speed had sky rocketed as well as my ability to flip the bike at higher speeds. Soon after CCS I ate twistees for breakfast and was 4 to 5 turns ahead of my riding pals (that ride pretty darn well btw). Tires leaned to edge no problem did'nt even brake a sweat. About four trips after with my pals I have noticed my speed tolerance has gone down and I am not leaning bike as much. I understand that the street is no place to ride at your limit but I feel I am loosing my edge...maybe time to get back and do 3 & 4 at CCS. Anybody else go through a performance downer? what to do to get the mojo back up?
  12. If you'r going wide because of throttle off, I would guess you'r going wide becuase 1. In too fast and 2. Bad line going in. Some times I go a little to hot into a curve, I hook turn and carefully stop on the throttle for a second. That gets me back on line. So I can't see why you go all outwide exclusively because of cutting the throttle.
  13. Great information CBRKid, It seems I had my information wrong. I figured less rubber to move tranlates to faster speed. You are right in that it looks cool and thats the reason I want to try it.
  14. Hello Folks, I've been wanting to pull out of a turn that continues on to a long straight and lift te front wheel for a second as you see on races. Racers use it to gain a tad of speed while reducing front wheel contact. My question is how? Comon sense tells me to turn in 3rd once bike is up pin it with out changing gear. Change gear to 4th to get the wheel down. BUT I would like to hear what other have to say. I am fortunate to own a S1000RR with DTC ABS GA so I know bike won't flip back. Thnks.
  15. One thing I noticed after watching back to back races from MOTO GP and WSBK is that the Moto GP seem to go much faster than the WSBK and also that the MOTO GP riders lean much more. If you look at Checa, he has his knee down but but elbow is far away from track while on Moto GP it is very common for them the have the knee and elbow down. This tells me the performance is much greater on Moto GP bikes.
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