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  1. Hi again (I think) Joined this forum back in 2012 but didn't know I hadn't posted before. Maybe just looking and searching advice etc. Riding since 1976 but I did my first CSS (1 & 2) with Keith in 1996 at Phillip Island. I did CSS 2 again last month (Dec 2019) and will do L3 sometime this year. Lots has changed, the basics are the same but getting so much older with bad habits creeping in and a general body slowdown I thought I'd do it all again. Great people at the school and lots of fun so I'm looking forward to meeting a few of you there. I'll be at the Phillip Island Classic this weekend and another track day Monday. Cheers.
  2. It's been a long time. CSS with Keith in Australia 1996.

    CSS1 and 2 again 2019 :)

    Getting older and wiser (and slower with a brain slowdown LOL))

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