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  1. This forum really came through when I asked about touring boots. I ended up with quality boots that I had never heard of despite multiple variations of Google searches. So............ I would appreciate the forum's experience and input on gloves. I will use them for touring, but PROTECTION is uppermost for this old guy who depends upon his hands to make a living, a race glove is a definite possibility. My Priorities are: 1) Protection / amour 2) comfort 3) water proof (which Ivery much doubt I will find) and 5) Price After 42 years it's good to be back on a bike. The Level 1 at VIR moved the comfort needle way up. Now, on the twisties, I don't have to pull over for GrandMothers in MiniVans. Yipee, Yahoo, Oh Boy Thanking everyone in advance, Slow Rabbit
  2. Recently I lowsided on my own s1k during a right turn on a city street. No damage to me (I wear my gear) but my insurance wasn't happy with the $7.5k bill. I've gone over and over the crash in my head and can't figure out anything I did wrong (stayed on the throttle and had the brake uncovered). It's murdering my confidence in turns. Can the camp help with this? Hey Kuroshio, I recently got back on a touring bike after a long - long time. For me, No confidence made for exciting riding but no satisfaction and definately no joy. Took Level 1 at VIR recently and that has made huge difference. In my view, yes the camp is made for you. Bet if you take the class you will be able to identify the element that put you down recently. In the meantime, start with Twist of the Wrist 2, book and DVD. As to the very slow part on the track, I was a bit worried about that as I was riding a Valkyrie interstate. But it genuinely didn't seem to be a problem. The instructors, and guys, and gals where great to ride and learn with. Here's to all the gear all the time. Slow Rabbit
  3. Hey FLXH, I"m 60 and after 43 years, just got back on a bike in March of this year. A Valkyrie Interstate, which I rode to and at VIR, May 14, Level 1. The only non-sport bike on the track. (no way I was riding their bike, as previously mentioned, what if I liked it? not even going to try to explain that budget to the wife) I could not be more pleased with the day. My comfort level is way up. The 850 mile ride home, through the mountains was sooo much better. The experience slowed things down for me on the street. I now ride with technique, tools and awareness of why a corner did or did not go well. If you like Twist of the Wrist 2, you will love the CSS school and the community (teachers and students) that go with it. Slow Rabbit
  4. Here is a report back on my the boot search. the 3 boots I seriously considered were Daytona Road Stars GTX and Daytona TransOpen GTX www.helmit.com Vendramini Marathon Steel www.bikerworldusa.com since the Dainese Axial Pro's (Dainese race boot) were not waterproof, I didn't look at them. All the boots seemed top of the line from reading about them. I finally went with the Marathon Steel. I wear 11 1/2 or 12 depending on the shoe brand, initially went with Euro size 46 which was too small. a size 47 fit perfect with a medium weight sock. By the way, the service at bikerworldusa was outstanding. A small shop where the owner is likely to answer the phone. . I love the boots. Virtually no break in time and comfortable. I spent 10 hours in them the second tiime I had them on. Great sole for grip / traction. We will see about the water in time. I'm hopeful. A little effort required to put on and a bit warm in summer which which I happily pay for the protection and comfort. Thanks to everyone who contributed information, especially Anthem. The Dayton's and Vendramini's just did not come up on my initial internet searches. I don't think I would have found them without this forum. Slow Rabbit
  5. [Hey Carey, I'll be the old guy on the red / black Valkyrie Interstate. Much, much easier to spot. Please do say hi. Slow Rabbit Gonna ride that Valkrie on the track...? CF That's the intention Slow Rabbit
  6. Hey Carey, I'll be the old guy on the red / black Valkyrie Interstate. Much, much easier to spot. Please do say hi. Slow Rabbit
  7. I get to be at VIR for Level 1, May 14. A bit nervous and looking forward to developing my cornering skills and comfort level out on the road. I've been been on this website in an attempt to prepare my self and in doing so have a question. Chief Riding Coach Cobie Fair, I see you have posted to this site for years. HOW DO YOU DO IT??? What is your secret? Looks to me you haven't aged a day. Slow Rabbit
  8. Thanks for the input. I had never heard about Daytona until Kai mentioned them. There is one dealer in USA. https://shop.helimot.com/shopping/default.asp. From what I read from researching the net, Dayhton's are indeed a top line boot although for some reason, do not appear to be well known in the US I considered Alpinestars, Dianese, and Sidi as well. Pretty much had it narrowed down to the two boots that anthem mentioned. Daytona Road Stars GTX or transOpen GTX. But I'm having to remind myself that protection is at the top of my priorities and price at the bottom. Of couse every boot maker has different sizing and width. A size 12 between different manufacturers varies alot. We will see how it turns out. Crash - the Bates are good looking boots, but I"m not as invincible as I once was, got to go with the protection as best I can. Im still listening. Thanks again, Slow Rabbit
  9. Old guy getting back on a bike after 42 years and soon to be at level 1 and 2 classes needs help picking out touring boots. Priorities: protection / armour waterproof fit, comfort walking / wearing all day visual appearence for the street, less noticeable is better price Your experience and comments appreciated. Thanks, Slow Rabbit
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