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  1. upgrading the ABS on my bike (apparently I can get the upgrade to the 2015) getting in shape (physically) suspension tackling body positioning (upper body just will not listen and relax and lay on that tank making me and the tank one) bend those elbows and drop them to the tank more efficiently staying smooth and working as one with the bike
  2. Focus! LOL I have caught myself loosing that in the middle of a turn and wondered what I was thinking? Umm big safety factor forgotten and basic skill. LOL Didn't need a drug, just to much on my plate and my brain wondered and lost focus completely...
  3. CONGRATS!!! you all simply rock and have helped me get out of that no I can't go fast stage, in the past two years being with you guys and the training has just made me become addicted to more and more. I've found myself helping others and guiding others to you or to someone more experienced than I to help them out. I can't thank you all enugh and can't say thanks enough when I save myself and bike from situations that could have become completely chaotic. I say thanks to you all and many others each time I head out on the road!!! Can't wait to come back for some more training.
  4. thanks for the article. I'm about to have plenty of time to start getting more serious. I just can't get that head down yet. Not sure why, will definitely start from scratch and work it through. Thanks. You Rock as usual.
  5. I just finished my two day camp on the 25th & 26th at Streets. My first time on the s1000rr and a racetrack. By no means was I fast, I enjoyed the idea that I had to work on each step and complete it and then get the feed back from my coach and move on to the next lesson. I had the time of my life! I didn't think I could lean at all and pictures are worth a thousand words and I wouldn't believe anyone until I actually saw the pictures. This school did wonders for me and helped me understand the whole aspect of the ride verses just doing the actions. I'm looking forward to getting my own s1
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