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  1. In my Country it's snowing so I am Training every week on a Inside Kart Track riding, racing, drifting Supermotos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpyJx3bqehM
  2. Hi Everyone! Need to answer some of my unanswered questions about setting up my Suspension for Race Season 2017. Having some unanswered Questions about Race Suspension Set up for my Race S1000RR 2015. I got replaced my Front Fork to a CLosed Cartrige System from White Power and a Rear Shock from WhitePower as Well. How much Static SAG am I looking for? How much Rider SAG am I looking for? How much Sag am I looking for compared to how much I stick the front fork through the triple clamp? (lowering the front) If I stick the front fork through the triple clamp the bike becomes more unstable, in which parts does the bike become more unstable? Thank you in advance. Best Regards Roland from Austria.
  3. My Opinions: Marquez will fight for the World Chmapionship and in my opinion will do it again this year. Lorenzo will make the Duc work and fight for the World Championship title. He also have Stoner and Biaggi as partners helping him to do so. Lorenzo is a good rain rider we have seen in previous years before the michelin tire time. So if he can figure out how to race with the michelin tires in the rain, he will be ahead of the game, because we have seen the ducati s do extremely well in the rain. In the tests he was already pretty close to the top times. Iaonne will be bad ass competitor on his suzuki and fight for wins, but I am not sure if he can produce it consistently, he is a guy who is racing, winning and crushing his bike…. Rossi will fight for the World Championship title, but I think he won't catch the title this year. Competition Level is extremely High and Consistent. Vinales will fight for the top as well, but won't have the consistency. Cheers
  4. Awesome. I'm wondering if California Superbike School is offering CODE Race in Europe as well? Best Regards Roland
  5. I am traveling from Austria to Willow Springs to Attend CSS and Code Race and have some issues about traveling because I haven't been to California before. I Will travel to LAX Airpot. How do you travel from the Airport to the Hotel/Motel near the racetrack? Which Motel/Hotel do you spend your night? How much would the fee be for the travel (Airport - Racetrack)? Do i have anything else to consider? Maybe someone is traveling from near LAX to CSS who can share that ride? Thanks for the sharing of your opinions Roland
  6. I am interested at how much lean angle ° you start to drag knee on the streets. Think I am having some Trouble with the positioning of my inside leg positioning on the foot pegs. At the Moment I start knee dragging at about 48-50° Lean Angle on my S1000RR. My Questions: How much ° Lean angle do you have when start dragging knee? How do you Position your inside leg on the inside foot peg? How do you adjust your foot on the inside foot peg when starting knee draging? Do you have some weight on the inside foot peg or is your weight on the tank from the hang off?
  7. There is no difference between the protector leaver and the handlebar weight. It's a common production thing that the BMW S1000RR is leaning bit to one side.
  8. Thx rchase, make sense. I am more interested in the feelings you get while riding and testing traction. How you read it? Are there some practices to test it in a safe way? How can I educate my feelings on traction in a safe way?
  9. Have tested it now, I feel like the bike is very very slightly pulling to the right side (leaning to the right side) when leaving the handlebars alone and going with the cruise control or letting the bike roll. Didn't notice it without the Lever guard. Will test the difference putting back the original handlebar weight.
  10. I am interested how you guys are sensing/reading Traction? Are there some specific practices you do to check traction?
  11. I got a new Braking Lever Protector on my S1000RR and it has a different weight than the original handlebar weight on the left handlebar now. Needs the handlebar weight be replaced with the same weight or does it make a difference in riding the bike? Balance? something like this: http://s1161.photobucket.com/user/Ry6rr/media/P1040002_zps7d49a574.jpg.html Thanks for Information
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