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  1. What you are saying is “impossible” if the lean angle is static!! It’s simple impossible to increase or decrease a radius without changing the diameter of the circle, the ONLY way to change the diameter of the circle on a bike is to change the lean angle! NO OTHER WAY!!!! When you are leaned over the front wheel DOES NOT STEER THE BIKE. Only the rear wheel can do that! The front only controls lean, the rear steers the bike, and if you increase throttle (and there is sufficient traction) the rear wheel will pull/push the bike upward, you have to counter steer after releasing throttle to lean the bike further to to turn tighter.
  2. BTW the reason I came here is because Keith’s video on Twist Wrist actually says that dramatic braking while cornering will make the bike straighten up dramatically. Its leading individuals I know to think that braking in corners is the safest way out of jam or a method of picking the bike up if you LOOSE traction!!! Thats why I want a Expert here to explain away this misinterpretation of what Keith was saying! THIS IS INSANE!!!
  3. My point is brake pressure or rather braking force does NOT stand the bike up! It’s impossible, the front tire under hard braking at a shallow lean angle may (due a dramatic increase in resistance from the ground) be snapped back straight thus straightening the bike up! However it is NOT the braking force that is doing it, in reality it’s dumb luck!! Acceleration will ALWAYS (if you have traction) pull the bike back up, this is why we can roll on throttle out of a corner and also the reason why “accelerating” will ALWAYS increase your turning radius!! This is basic physics no way braking force will decrease lean angle on its own, if that was the case the old adage “when in doubt gas it out” would have no meaning! That adage comes from the fact the stability and balance comes from the throttle, NOT the brake! You can’t brake your way out of a lean, and acceleration will, increase the gyroscope forces that balance and keep the bike up! Im not say you don’t have to counter steer I’m simply talking about the affects of braking force and acceleration (gyroscope force) braking will make you fall over acceleration will stand you up! Any school kid’s toy top will prove this. “Acceleration will cause the bike to straighten out its path of travel, but the throttle doesn't affect lean angle.“ Thats EXACTLY how you straighten out your path of travel! You have to change your lean angle! You CANT do it ANY other way! This is why slowing down while turning or using the rear brake “tightens” up your turning radius because you are affecting lean angle you “are” leaning lower ever so slightly!
  4. Hi All I have a group of riders who actually believe that the act of braking causes the bike to stand up! PLEASE HELP!!! I need a forum moderator or an accredited expert to respond. Please explain away this myth! Someone PLEASE help!!! 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ 1. What action causes the bike to stand up braking or acceleration. 2. Is accelerating while adding lean angle a good thing? 3. Does accelerating make the bike harder to lean? 4. Does brakin or coming off throttle make the bike easier to lean?
  5. Can you explain rotating your hips around the tank? ive been working on the screwdriver grip.
  6. 1. Could be I will adjust and give that a shot. 2. It feels like I accomplish this every time. 3. Not yet, but I do practice that drill all the time. I’m working on doing this drill without touching the bars that is truly challenging! I think my throttle control is pretty good, no issues there. Here are some views of me going left and right. As you can see I have issues in both directions!
  7. Hi guys! Hi Guys! I’ve been having big issues with right hand turns. I’m not sure what it is but there is definitely something different that happens when I hangsoff on the right side! It is obvious, the whole bike moves abruptly when I hangoff on the right! I made this video to demonstrate. Both stands are level and stable. I am not holding onto the bars. What the hell is going on here? Could it be one of the forks in the front? Something is definitely wrong? I notice this just as profoundly when I ride, when I go right the bike feels like it wants to abruptly tip over, and fall on top of me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 93AD0A21-8E3A-4C88-A4C7-A12872DA0A75.mov
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