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  1. Hey Rick, That is a pretty loaded question. If you haven't done so, read through the 'sticky' at the top of this forum about trail-braking. Very interesting stuff. One particular quote made by Stu Smith really sums up trail-braking. 'Trail braking can be useful in corners where your SLOWEST SPEED IS SOMEWHERE PAST THE POINT WHERE YOU TURN IN. Double Apex corners, decreasing radius, things like that.'
  2. So I'm just thinkin' out loud here for arguement (fantasy racing really), but what IF.....Rossis stays competitive on the Y bike. Stoner does the same on the D bike. Sete or Nicky (if the rumor is true) becomes Stoner's team mate and takes well to the D bike. And for more added argument, Biaggi also comes back to a GP satellite D team and teams with whom ever doesnt get the factory ride. Lets here it.... oh, and why not throw P-bot (pedrosa) into the mix too.
  3. I agree. I dont think Rossi rode overly aggressive. (Not like when he hit Gibernau anyway) Rossi just road like the seasoned champion he is. Rossi knew he couldnt run away from Stoner, so he road a defensive race and out foxed him Hopefully Stoner will not let Rossi get under his skin and chalk it up as a lessoned learned from a true master. Then that rival the media has always wanted will happen.
  4. I just watched the post race scene on my DVR, recorded from KCBS channel 2, and it wasnt on there. Could KCBS be on a short delay and it was edited out? The track fly over while Schwantz and white talked about the race seemed alot longer. Edit: I found a video link of their spat. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/motorsport...kes/7516543.stm
  5. Hey 2big--how did you see that, and the rest of us didn't? C I was watching it on CBS in Oregon. KLCS channel 10, I think. I cant imagine it would be a different broadcast in LA.
  6. Hum. Interesting.....(scratching my head). Racer you might be onto something.
  7. Stoner did refuse to shake Rossi's hand in the 'parc ferme'. Stoner was getting ready to do an interview, when Rossi walked up to him with his hand out and a smile. Stoner shook his head and said no, no, and turned back to the interview obviously upset. The US telecast was live. I'm sure it was later edited out for PR reasons. I was disappointed we didnt get to see the 'official' after race interviews.
  8. Like posted before more and more guys are doing it. I think it's more than just moving a foot back into position. They hold it out and near the ground for a good length of time. And watch closely, you can see them move their foot up and down. Yes, it's always on left turns and not rights. But, remember the rear brake is on the right. I tend to see Rossi do it more while passing WAY on the inside. Pedrosa too. Nickey rides flat track so I guess he has an excuse. And as someone posted above, it's done at certain tracks in specific corners, but not all.
  9. woops forgot to paste the link. Here it is. http://forums.superbikeschool.com/index.php?showtopic=1003
  10. Check this post out. I think it will answer your question. Riding on the edge of the tire is not necessarily an indicator of needing to hang off. Good throttle application and other skills can affect that too. Level 1 and 2 will address that.
  11. typically at the end of the year. This last year was finalized after the first of January. If there is a specific track your looking to ride at call the office and see when we may be there. Some tracks are finalized way early in advance, while others are subject to changes to avoid schduling confilicts.
  12. Ha! I had to re-read my post to see what you meant. You had me for a second. I love sarcasm! I was referring to 'THEIR' level as nearly unobtainable skills at the top level of 'OUR' sport.
  13. I think its done to get more weight off to the side of the bike. Figure a leg at 20-25 pounds a foot away from the bike can change the handling. I've played with this at the track a bit and it did seem to change the handling, but this wasn't at race pace and I could have been making inputs other places on the bike. Off the track I have notice a difference in handling when I take the loaded saddlebags off my BMW touring bike. All in all, at the club racing level I really dont think it changes much, but at THEIR level, every little change can be an advantage.
  14. I give ya a thumbs up! Body position looks good and more importantly, your arms are bent, which puts less pressure on the bars.
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