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  1. These pics are so cool! It's strange to me though, it looks as if he's barely holding on to the bike with his legs. I see this with Stoner & Pedrosa especially, it's like their outside leg is barely touching the bike, but they can stay locked on & lean very far off the bike... I'd like to be able to hold my body with my leg like that! This one his outside leg isn't even in contact with the tank!
  2. Best wishes for Andy to have a speedy recovery, any updates?
  3. If you're buying a bike purely for the track, why not get a purpose built race bike? Honda RS125 or RS250 or Yamaha TZ125 or TZ250? they're lightweight 2-strokes built for the track. & if you crash one, they're much easier & cheaper to fix. The 2-stroke motor is a little more maintenance intensive than a 4-stroke, but it's worth it for the riding experience.
  4. Very sad news, & my heart & prayers go out to the Lenz family & the Zayat family. Such a bright star cut short in a tragedy... I never got the chance to meet the kiddo, but I had been following his career & watching his youtube videos for about the last 2 years. His skill in crushing guys on much bigger bikes with just a 125 made me want to start riding a 125 myself. Just recently I was watching A Twist of the Wrist 2 dvd, & there he was, a charming little guy destined for a huge career. Is there someone who can make Peter Lenz Memorial Patches? I would like
  5. What a kid! Good to see him doing well, I've seen some video's of him on youtube & he is gonna be a huge name in the future of road racing.
  6. making your mind work gooder! ^ intentional grammatical error for humor & emphasis purposes
  7. yup, for the win. usage example: Wow that new 1198R is for the win. or For the Lose: yea i highsided at PPIR & hit the wall, it was very FTL.
  8. I see that it is a bit cheaper to bring your own bike to the single day classes, is it any cheaper to bring your own bike & gear to a 2-day camp? im planning on an early los vegas 2-day camp, & want to bring my own 2-stroke RS125 gp machine to keeps costs low. any insight from the instructors out there?
  9. awesome, I really hope to see CSS there soon. The closest CSS locations to Denver last year were Miller in Utah and Las Vegas. & both were 2-day camps, not individual levels, & driving to the other locations (east coast and west coast) is waaay too far of a drive. anyways, i'm just thinking out loud, lol
  10. So did anyone else get a chance to download and watch Superbike School: UK? It is a 6 episode series following 3 riders of different riding backgrounds going through the 4 levels of the California Superbike School class in the UK. I thought the show was fantastic, better than everything else on american TV right now, lol. & Andy Ibbott seems like a very cool guy! I downloaded all 6 episodes from: www DOT racing DASH underground DOT com Trailer: type of stuff you might learn/like: Knee to Knee FTW!!!
  11. So we have a new track built out here by Denver, CO called High Plains Raceway. http://www.highplainsraceway.com/track.html & heres a vid of a lap on the track & a simulation of a lap on the track it'll be open for racing next spring!!!
  12. yep, i've actually alread gained a few friends & gotten a wealth of knowledge from the usgpru forums. www.usgpru.com im just a very particular being! always striving for perfection. but yea the baseline settings for the track is all id need.
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