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Hi From Israel

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Hi everyone :)


Just a short introduction.


I'm 37, been riding nearly 20 years, the first half of it mostly on scooters and small bikes, the other half on top of 600+ bikes (starting with 7 years abroad a BMW F650 and 2 years with a DL650).


My interest in sport riding is quite recent and goes back about 2-3 years (before that I used the bike exclusively as a commuter). In this regard, I've owned a supermoto XR650 which I practiced on local tracks, GSXR600 for about a year, and recently I bought a 2K4 GSXR1000 which I also use daily as a commuter.


I've been to few race schools (Ron Haslam's, twice to Hungaroring) and my interest in riding is both practical and theoretical. I've also read Twist of the wrist II and found it a valuable resource.


Hope to be able to learn some new stuff over here, and maybe get some answers to questions that I have.


Have a great day,


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Hi Avih!


Welcome to the forum! It's great to meet you!


I really enjoy the international "flavor" here, being able to connect with riders from around the world to share riding experiences, discuss riding techniques and especially Keith Code's teachings.


I first learned to ride on a Yamaha TY 80 (trials) and DT 100 (enduro) thirty years ago and bought my first street bike, a Kawasaki LTD 440 in 1983. In 1985 I was given a Kawasaki 600 Ninja as a perquisite "company car" and bought a GPz 750 for road trips a year later. One of my first trips was spectating the AMA Superbike event at Mid-Ohio where I had an epiphany and realized that my life would not be complete without going racing. A year later I signed up for Keith Code's California Superbike School and the rest, as they say, is history.


I attended Keith's schools about half a dozen times or so, bought my first race bike, a Yamaha FZR 400, in 1990 and devoted myself to racing. Soon, I put a 600 engine in the 400 frame and a couple of years later I bought a 125 GP bike, fell in love with two-stroke GP's and attended Keith Code's 125 GP school. After a decade of racing, I used my experience to tune GP bikes for several national championships. I currently work for a motorcycle dealership here in Pittsburgh, PA and am looking forward to attending the new and improved Keith Code schools this summer.


Keith Code's books and schools have not only enriched my riding life, they have saved my life countless times and I am commited to paying it forward, so, please let me know if there is anything I can do to be of assistance. :)




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Thanks for the warm welcome :)


I have already noticed the quality of your posts (while searching for my current interest here at the forum: weight distribution during a turn). I'm sure you'll have valuable inputs when I'll start asking questions myself ;)




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