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ive been 2yrs in a row,this will be my 3rd.In level 2 at BHF's in IL i went from the 1:40's to 1:30in one day.i continued my training at my first ever track day one month later.By 12 oclock i was bumped up to intermediate class.one month later anoter track day, practicing what i was taught in lvel one and two by the end of that day i was in the low 1:24's out of 20 riders there were only3 that were lapping consistently faster then me.my buddy that goes to school w/me every year but doesnt practice as much as me,and was faster than me a year ago,i now lap. to me that is amazing.Thanks to cobie for taking time talking to me over the phone,helping me try to figure out my nevous front end problem.

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BWEZX6 - Glad to hear of your success at BlackHawk. To me that particular track really lends itself to CSS drills. If you have trouble getting your bike turned quickly, stall the gas or have any other manner of difficulty, that track will point it immediately. I am very excited to get back there in June. Maybe we can convince Keith and Cobie to let us race some of the school bikes :)


Sanfret - If you have the means to race there, do. The track is insanely fun. CCS runs at BHF. In fact, they have the track the weekend before we arrive on June 1 (same as last year).


See the link below



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