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Set-up Requirements For Riding Your Own Bike (mid-ohio)

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I'm signed up to take the Level 1 school at Mid-Ohio on 8/4. This will be my first time riding at a track and I'm planning on bringing my own bike. I was wondering what kind of prep (set-up) I need to do to my bike ahead of time. I don't mean set-up in terms of suspension or anything, but things like removing mirrors, taping off head lights and tail lights, safety wiring oil filter etc...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Also, I was wondering other opinions on bringing your own bike. My main motivation was to keep the cost down, and I also thought it would be nice to learn more about the limits of my own machine. On the other hand, I'm wondering how much the track riding for the level 1 session will burn up my tires. The cost of tires, in addition to the risk of doing some damage to my bike might outweigh the extra $200.

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Tape up all glass and plastic lenses with painters tape (the blue stuff). Remove the mirrors or tape them up. Safety wiring the oil filter is not necessary, but always a good practice.

Riding your own bike is always nice, but obviously you must fuel it and will burn up some tire.


If you ride a school bike all maintenance is done for you.

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I used my own bike in June at Streets of Willow, and think it was a great way to go. The setup was easy, they will even have some tape on hand if you miss something, they get the tires dialed in, everything.


My goal with the school was to learn my own machine better, and that goal was accomplished ten fold.


I put new tires on, and now have over 1000 miles on them including the school day, and they still are doing fine. I kept the tires I removed that were at about 80% and I will use them up on the street.


I liked it so much and felt that I learned so much that I am signed up for Level II in October.


**EDIT -- Saw that your class was 8/4. How did it go?

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