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Wheelbase Changes & Ride Height Question

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Just changed my gearing from 14/46 for our local bullring to 14/41 to head to Brainerd. Because of the change the wheelbase has been lengthened. Is there any formula or hard and fast rule on how much ride height I will need to add to the rear to maintain the same chassis attitude. At this point I have done nothing to affect the ride height but have considered raising it some in the rear, if so how much? Of course Brainerd is not really a track that requires the same degree of "turnability" compared to our local one. By the way bike is an 06 636 and I just added an ohlins to the rear, which makes ride height adjustment relatively easier than the stock setup. The chain adjuster has been brought back about an inch and a quarter.


Thanks for any help. Can't wait for my eyes to water through turn one!

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I don't usually change ride height for a gearing change.


In any case, how much did your wheelbase increase?


You could use that figure and some right triangular trigonometry to figure the difference. If you know the measurements of all three sides or one side and the front angle or two sides then consider the rear contact patch as the point of a 90 degree "right" angle. it should be a simple matter.


If you give me your measurements and/or angles, I will show you how.

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Thanks racer for the offer of help, unfortunately it was only while I was trying to fall asleep the other night that I thought the process through. I never bothered to attempt to measure the actual wheelbase before making the change (on a side note what is the best method, a string?)

As I leave Sunday morning and work tomorrow I won't have time to throw the other gearing on but I will make a point to measure everything when I change it back after getting home. As mentioned just on eyeball memory the axle blocks have come back from one tick from the front to about one tick closest to the rear or about and inch an a quarter. I'm am curious to know if some racers get that detailed with the setup (I believe some of the factory teams do) that there is a rule to follow so to speak or if it is just simple measurement and then some high school math that they insist we learn. Damn promised myself not to use it after grade 12. Anyway I'll post back to this thread when I do measure it.

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