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Question For Cobie Or Keith

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I ride a CBR954RR, this weekend I was out riding and flet something that I have heard of but never felt until now. I went to

pass a car, I accelerated hard and when I up shifted I had a really bad shake in the handlebars. What could cause this and

how do you prevent it. It felt like if it had been much worse it would have been ugly. I have attended one of you schools

level I at Barber, gotta say you are the most professional people I have ever been around.

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Question for Cobie or Keith,

Durning an eye exam, I was checked for left or right eye dominance and it reminded me that as a youth baseball coach, we used to check the eye dominance of players, especially ones who were having a hard time hitting a baseball. Durning my exam, I immediatley thought of cornering and wondered if one eye dominance has any impact on why many riders favor turning right v. left?


Kevin Kane

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