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Topics As Outlines Or A Sequential List?

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I'm not brand new to the forum but I am a little confused about navigating on the board and this seems like the place to post the question. I just noticed in the last few days that when I view a topic, I see the original post at the top, then below I see an outline of various responses. What I USED to see was a long sequential list of posts, with no outline. Did I change something in my preferences to cause that to happen, or was there a change in how the board is presented? I have tried clicking the "Options" button at the upper right but I can't tell what that does - it just seems to jump to the bottom of the page.


I actually prefer seeing the long lists of posts so I can scroll straight down instead of having to jump back and forth with the outline. If someone can clue me in about how to change that back, I'd be grateful!




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