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High-backed Seats


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I've been reading through TOTW2 again; in chapter 9 there is a sketch showing how the high backed seat helps anchor the rider. I find on my bike though I'm not getting that support- there is 3-4" at least of space behind my butt and the vertical part of the seat behind me. I think I would like to have some support back there as that would allow my arms to be more neutral in holding onto the bars under hard acceleration. If I slide all the way back I feel I'm stretching out too far. I've seen photos of race bikes that have what looks like a big piece of rubber or foam to make the seat back support closer- maybe that is what I need. Anyone else feel this way?


[My bike is an '02 CBR 600 F4i which has a separate rider and passenger seat- in '03 they changed it to a continuous seat on the F4i's when the RRs came out. At 5'7" 145lbs I'm not big or tall.]

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