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Prep For Css Level 1

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All you need to do; is be prepared to be a good student.


To be a good student :-

* Make sure that you get plenty of rest the night before the school, it's a long day and you don't want to be fading out near the end.

* Turn up early, and be where you're asked to be (there are student wranglers to assist)

* Stick to the program and work on the drills

* Want to improve in every session (this is one of your instructors goals).

* Keep hydrated, drink plenty of water, eat well.

* Ride on the track with enough attention to learn ($10 - TWOT Introduction 'What'll it cost' Page xii)

* If you're unsure about something, or you have a question, tell someone. If you can't locate your instructor, ask another instructor. If they're all on track, let the staff know that you've got a question or problem, they can help or will find help for you.

* Enjoy!



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