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Race-ready Svs?

Guest Oranganator

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Guest Oranganator


Does anyone use one? How does it handle? What mods are needed?

I've got an SV and I'm wondering if I could use it for the track, or if I should just get another bike.



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Just did a quick search on Google (www.google.com) for "SV650S racing", there are heaps of links to the SV and the changes made for the track.


Seems that there is a complete class of racing for these machines.



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The list of mods is almost endless..

One of the guys I ride with has an 02 that gets double duty track and commuter.

The sv is unbelievable fun to ride on the track, You do need to keep it pinned most of the time though or the 1000's will eat you, well they will do it any way but you can still slow them down in the corners.

The suspension is very soft and the heavier you are the worse in behave's

The forks are pretty easy to mod with the race tech emulators and springs, we did both in one night. you will have to play with oil thickness and height depending on your track temps. but this was a big improvement. We also dropped the triple clamps almost a half inch. be carefull and experiment slowly with this though a little makes a lot of difference!!

a fox shock works good out back, you can get used ones from the gsxr's on ebay. again you need to respring it. It responds well to raising the back end a little, I think we went up about 5MM

The exhaust and jetting is a no brainer but make a big improvement as does the aftermarket air filter.

If your looking for a very stable track bike that is fun to ride the SV is great. You can embarrass the squids on their 1000r's if you are already a confident rider. but if you want to keep up with the fast guys I think you will need a bigger engine!


good luck

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