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Dunlop Slicks And Compunds?

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Ok I have a few questions about Dunlop Slicks, I have a set of Dunlop KR106 and Dunlop KR108. 1.) How can I find out what compounds they are (ex. Soft, Medium, Hard)? 2.) And is it ok to use a Dunlop KR106 FRONT and a KR108 REAR? At the same time? 3.) Finally, What tire pressures should I be using for the KR108, because it is a NTEC tire which is a harder carcass. I know the school runs 29FR 31 RR.

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Dunlop typically uses a color coded dot on the sidewall of the tire to indicate compound, ie. blue is soft, red is hard, green is medium. I don't know for sure the color code for your tire, but, you can ask RTS about that and NTEC pressures here:



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Um... actually, it's probably not that dot. Now that I think about it, the last Dunlop slicks I bought were color coded with a thin stripe down the center line, or just off-center, of the "tread" surface. So, once you rode on them, the color wore off. The yellow dot you are looking at is probably the indicator for valve stem orientation when you mount the tire, ie. that dot shold be next to the valve stem on the wheel.


Sorry, dude. My bad. I didn't mean to mislead you. You know what they say, the memory is the first thing to go after 40. Then the eyesight. Then the wedding tackle as Andy would say.... lol.



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