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Kawi 636/ Question For Stu And Wil

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I'm very happy with my 636. I think it is a great bike. Unfortunatly I can't compare it to a new R6 as I have never ridden one, but I do race against them. The new R6 seems to have just a little less power then the 636 in superstock trim. Not much difference though. Parts are readily available for the 636 and I would assume the cost is about the same as any other 600.


Hope that helps

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Stu and Wil


I have been on the hunt between getting a new 636 or R6.  Now I have an R6 for racing right now, but wanted your insight on the 636 in a race setup.  Also are the cost of parts pretty close to most other race bikes? :ph34r:

I have been in battles with both the R6 and 600RR Honda and I have to admit that the difference in the bike is negligable. It almost comes down to what color you want this year in both the 1000 and 600 classes.


As far as race set-up if you buy a Kawasaki I would be happy to supply you with all the set-up data I have. I wouldn't say I have the ultimate set-up but it's not far from it.


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