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Street Tires Vs Track Tires

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First of all when some people refer to a "track tire" it can mean either a slick that is for only racing or a even a muti purpose tire that is made with the track more in mind (corsa III or 2ct etc). That in my opinion is a huge reference difference of what a track tire is, between what you would use ONLY at the track like a slick and what some people consider to be a more track tire like a corsa III or 2ct, which obviously many also use on the street as well. So when you say "track tire" please be specific so there is no wrong assumption. NOW secondly in another recent thread a few people mentioned that using certain "track tires" on the street isnt smart because they dont heat up to the point where they are sticky? Like which tires? Also NOT that it is important here in this topic but psi was also talked about to help out, again not trying to get into psi AT ALL in this topic though. Now my real question with that in mind is, being that I plan on doing say 3-4 track days a month but since I love riding my bike will be riding it on the street alot in between those, what is a great tire for me? I am open to any name brand? But for example Pirelli has the diablo corsa which they claim is a 70% track and 30% street tire. Does that mean that since the majority of my riding is on the street and highways that it will be hard to take advantage of this tire because it will be to hard to get it to the right temperature? The pirelli rosso says its 30% track and 70% street, does that mean its EASIER to HEAT at lower speeds like on the street where its not quit as intense riding the whole time? Lastly my thing was that I thought that when people refered to "track tires" assuming they were talking about corsa III's & 2ct's etc, that they would be the softest and the stickest and that they heated up the easiest compared to anything else, like all the other harder compounds made for purely/mostly street were people are concerned more with tire longjevity and not pushing it in corners. I rather have the best tires that provide the best grip in any situation even though they may not last long and were for a track day more in mind, but who cares the street is important 2! When I ride street I still practice for the track, I know places where its safe conditions and rarely busy and like to push it through those corners. You can still ride aggressive on the street. But it can be in bewtween some stop signs and red lights, traffic etc so the tire heating ability is imortant. Clarify please. Thanks in advance.

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