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My Race In Qatar 28/3/2009

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First off I want to thank every one who gave me tips on my last race, this race however was not that successful.


I had a lot of problems on the way to Qatar and in Qatar, any way I concentrated on the free practice and wanted to take every thing and try to solve some of the problems that I have, but that was not to be, a day earlier a sand storm hit the track so there was no traction and that was a good thing for me so I can take it easy and get the braking and apex correct, in the second lap the chain broke ( 520 ) and it broke some of the sprocket teeth ( AFAM ), and there was no chain any where, so I talked to the management and they told me that if I can replace the chain in time I can make the race but I have to start from last place.


So I missed the free practice and the qualifying and I have warm-up and race tomorrow, I managed to find a chain with a smaller sprocket.


When I mounted it I only had 5 minuets left in the warm up I went there and got 2 laps. Then there was the race, started in 18th but I managed in lap 3 to go up to 12th, in front of me there were 2 riders that where very very aggressive against each other ( they where friends ) I know that they will make a mistake very soon and I will take the chance, in the striate there 2 bikes hit each other and one of the riders tumbled in front of me so I got in the way and razed my hand, I thot that the marshals will raze the red flag because the guy and the bike where in the middle of the track but no flag was raised and the guys that I have passed are getting very close to me so I hit the gas, no I am in 11th but I was not comfortable with the bike response and the rear tire was jumping in the strait, I wanted to keep it steady till the end but then this guy shows up with his kawi, big guy with a very very strong bike he can take me in the straits but I take him in the turns and I loved it, every lap I pass him and he pass me and it was fun till the end.


I finished in 12th but I was happy that I had some fun at least.




- my fastest lap that day was 2 seconds less that my constant lap time in the last race.


- I did start good.


- When I rider is in front of me and he really want to race me I start the loose focus and start to fallow him ( when he brakes I brake and when he turns I turn ) I miss nearly every apex I am aiming for.


- I know I am no where near my limit, my hand can not seem to hit the throttle in the right time and place.




Here is a clip of the race

round 3

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