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There have been numerious posts here essentially asking the same question. You can peruse the list to find them but you will see that almost without exception, the convential wisdom has been to go to school.


As a new student rider, you will avoid going through the process of having to unlearn the incorrect techniques that many of us self taught riders had to go through.


Good luck.


Kevin Kane

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Just go to a CSS school, you will not regret it. You will not slow anyone down. You ride at your own pace, it is neither a race or

a competition. It is however the best move you could make, the staff is A+. They will make you feel comfortable and you will

improve. Just enjoy everyone there is there for the same thing to improve. You will not regret going.

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I just finished the two day camp at willow. There were 23 people in the course with lots of skill abilities all starting at level 1 of the course. With the way the course is structured no-one ever commented on that they felt held back by anyone! I certainly wasn't the fastest person there and didn't feel any presure to perform up to someone elses standards or goals.

I couldn't believe the amount of individual attention I recieved, nor the amount of valuable skills I learned.

Before going I thought the 2 day course was expensive, however , after taking the course I'm amazed by how cheep it was !!

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Just finished a 2 day at Willow. I,ve just got to say un*&^%(*believable. The School is there for you no need to worry about the other students . The instructors will handle every student there no matter what skill level you are. When you are at CSS you are number 1 with the whole staff. If you don't go to the School and decide to just try some track days, do me a favor and stay way outside. If you do go you lead a lap then I'll lead alap.


Good Luck and Make the right decision.

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