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Tire Advice For R America Please

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Will be running CCS classes at RA in two weeks, April 23-25, UNL SS, GTO, and UNL GP. Bike is an '01 Suzuki 1000 GSXR, PC III gently tuned to 146 rwhp. This will be my first race at RA. First time on the track since doing LEVEL 1 w/CSS there in '02. I would like to run Michelins this year. Any advice on which models? H2, M2, S2? I'll call Tom Mason to order up. Or, is there nothing to be afraid of in running Dunlops? I haven't filled out contingency info yet so there is time to decide.

Also, our primary sponsor, Country Sports Inc. in Wi. Rapids is doing an open house. We'll be there with the bike to talk to customers. Is there a printer friendly CSS flyer to hand out? TIA

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