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Lazy Turner!


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Last night I re-read TOTW 2 and I realized that I'm definitely a lazy turner and because of that I'm doing every mistake covered in the book between chapter 15 and 20! :(


Everytime I approach a corner I start my turn too early and I slow down a lot more than I should, realizing when I reach mid-corner that I could have gone a lot faster!


I know that the best way to learn is to go to CSS and that's why I signed up for level 1 and 2 in august.


Is there any drills I can practice to learn how to turn quicker and to make later entry turns until then??



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Never mind, i found the answer myself!! :P


I just finished reading Lee Parks, Total Control book and he covers the subject pretty well! ;)


All the exercices are simple and I should have tought about them myself....

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Let's see how you have got on when you come in August.


All the best



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