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  1. Thumbing through some youTube videos and came across one with you describing body position - keep the wedding tackle away from the tank... excellent analogy (never heard it put quite like that).

  2. Hi, In the Uk yes this is the normal practise unless we have enough Level 2 and 3 to make up their own groups. This is very rare. In the USA they have more seminarists so I believe this is not the class of late but has been for many years in the past. Was there a problem I could help with? All the best Andy Ibbott
  3. Hi KHP, Thank you for posing on the forum. Keith did come over to see us in the UK last July (well, technically, this July 2009). As of yet I am not aware what his plans are for 2010. A UK visit could be on the cards as I know he would also like to see the schools in Greece. The best Idea is to keep an eye on the UK website www.superbikeschool.co.uk and if we have any news on that it will be posted there. All the best and good to hear from you again, Andy Ibbott
  4. *SIGH* You Yanks just don't get it do you? A nickname is something that is EARNED. You just cannot go about thinking them up, it happens as a result of something mor an obsevation that all agree on (good or bad). Some people will NEVER have a nickname. I am one of them becuase I have a unique surname. My son Kit will never have one becuase of his unique first and second name. Andy 'Idiot' Ibbott
  5. Hi There, We do not have any video I can show you as for this next school we are running nthe circuit the opposite way! It is the only circuit in the country that we can do this so I thought we would give it a go. Don't worry, you will have plenty of time to learn the techniques which will help you leasrn the circuit. All the best Andy
  6. Hi, Please give Lynn a call in the office 08700 671 061 and she will send out another booket for you. All the best Andy
  7. That is exactly what Keith meant. He said it to me in 1995 after I had completed level 1 of the Schools at Willow and I was asking about practising.
  8. Yes we have just had the same and are now looking at new flights. Looks like we might end up going to Seville. Andy
  9. Hi, yes we are coming to Saudi. The date is March 9th. Here is the contact details of Monther AL-Mutlaq Telephone: +966038591480 Ext. 331 The coaches will be from the Uk and if you have been to the Dubai schools then you will know most of them. Andy
  10. I have the custom made ones too. I have them to filter all noise as I use them when riding but also when coaching at the MotoGP and other races. Would not be without them and wished I had some when I first started to ride, a few decades ago now!
  11. Hi, yes, I have seen you guys racing at the MOTO GP round and it is excellent! Andy
  12. Hi all, First off, and this typically English, thank you for the CV Cobie! LOL In is not strictly true that you cannot get the same stuff that the GP get. For a start Astars have a made to measure service so you can get EXACTLY what the GP guys wear. It is s very expensive service but you will get the same. As far as the leathers are concerned, the ONLY difference between the GP riders and buy from the shop is the sizing. The leather, the armour, all of it is exactly the same. Yes, from time to time they will use the GP and WSB guys to try something new, the neck airbag from Dainese is a good example of this. As this is the top level then it is used as a test bed. Interestingly, again Astars, they have even used and are using body position datalogging to see how the rider moves on the bike and then researching different materials and cuts, designs to see if they can make the suits more comfortable. We are very lucky here to have been sponsored by Alpinestars for over 14 years and I personally was part of the testing of their very first suits over 10 years ago. I also in the time had a set of Frank Thomas. At that time I can tell you with 100% conviction that what I had definitely WAS NOT what you could buy in the shops, so I do know this happens. Once I found this out I refused to where their leathers in Fast Bikes magazine anymore. So, you could say I favour Astars. YES I DO. I have seen how and what they do, used, tested and still use their products. I have, in the past, done the same with Frank Thomas. And finally, for the record, when I was a test rider at MCN I used Dainese a lot. They were good leathers as they did a great job in protecting you in a crash, a situation when testing I did do. The downside was they were 'one crash' and needed to be replaced after most crashes. That said, I walked away each time... All the best Andy
  13. You are asking mfor my opinion and I have given it. I am sorry if it is not what you wanted to hear. Both Astar ad Dainese put a massive amount of money into research and I have visited the R&D deptments of both companies. Frank Thomas do not have this same ability and commitment that I have seen from the other two. If you are asking if I would put my own money on the table to buy Frank Thomas then the answer is no. I do not feel as confident in their product as I do say Aplinestars. Andy
  14. Hi there, Yes you can but only on your own 33bhp bike. We cannot Hire you an R6 becuase it is well over the 33bhp limit. I would advise because of this that you look at booking Silverstone Stowe as it is a short track and the 33bhp will not be noticed as much as on more open 'faster' tracks. Andy
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