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New Old Spaniard Noob

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Hi all from Barcelona, Spain.


I'll be attending the 2 days course in Jerez next September. In the meantime I'll be lurking here and there to learn as much as I can from you here.


I'm 46 y/o, more than 30 years riding all kind of bikes, lots of riding acquired vices, in a pretty bad shape, and untill 2 years ago, I thought I was "pretty good" riding.




I discover myself being a track lover some time ago, with my k1200s panzer (after 7 years of non riding), and now I'm waiting to buy the new s1000rr (yes, I confess, I'm a beemer, what can I do?) dunno.gif


After 2 years of intensive riding courses and track days, now I'm awaked from my hilarious dream, back off to reality: I'm damned bad, and I wish to improve my skills. Not interested in racing (well... maybe some amateur competition, but nothing really serious) but in doing it in the right way. Will I be yet in time? If the answer is NO, please, lie to me, as for today I'm thrilled to get it!!


Hope to meet some of you soon in Jerez.



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