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Hello all,


I ride primarily to commute and sometimes just for enjoyment, but now I'm interested in doing some touring and perhaps even some racing. At this time, I just want to build solid skills. My only "formal" instruction was the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course when I first starting riding, but the skills taught at CSS seem like they would be applicable to just about all types of riding, especially the braking and sliding training. It seems that exploring the limits of one's own cornering capabilities, knowing and improving on them, would be also excellent training for any rider. I am considering doing one of the CSS two day camps this spring expecting that what I learn there will make me a safer rider. Do you guys recommend this course to someone like me?

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I would recommend the CSS course to anyone who throws a leg over a motorcycle. Knowing how to properly corner a motorcycle with the right fundementals is crucial to becoming a safer rider in my opinion. For me though it started an addiction to track riding. I found that I had become a safer rider by what I learned at the school and I do apply what I learned while street riding it's just that to be safe on the street you can't take it to the same level as on the track. That's just me though. No matter what or where you ride I am a firm beleiver that the CSS school will make you a better and safer rider.

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I can only comment on the countless letters of thanks we get from students who have been on the School.

On more than one instance I have been told that we have saved someone's life on the street.


For me it says it all.


Hope to see you soon.


Andy Ibbott

School Director (Europe)

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