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Signed Up For School!

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Well, I posted before that the class schedule was full but I got a call from Natalie today saying they had an open spot so I took the June 12th class at Willow Springs! I'm excited! OK, so now what do I do???

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I'm using my own 2003 ZX6R 636. I was thinking of just renting a U-Haul truck since they already have ramps. I live 2 hours from the track and registration is at 7 a.m.! OK, for me getting up at 4:30 is a little early but I am taking the day off on June 11 so I can get everything I need ready. I'm over-excited and very worried about crashing. I keep telling myself I'm not going to push it but I'd be kidding myself because part of the reason I want to get on the track is so I can go really fast without the dangers of the street (and the police).

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When I took level I at Watkins Glen (NY), that track is also about a 2 hour drive from my home. I loaded the van the afternoon before and left at 4:30 AM just like like your plan. By lunchtime, I was trying to take a nap and contimued to look for rest spots between sessions all afternoon. By the end of the day, I was making some big time fatigue mistakes out there and eventually DNF'd myself after trading paint with another rider exiting the Bus Stop. That was the last time I drove to the track the morning of an event.


Your first School day will be tiring all by itself. If you can manage it, I would strongly recommend that you get a room nearby the night before so you can arrive at the track rested. When I went to the Streets in April, I stayed at a Motel in Mojave but there are places in Lancaster and in Rosamond. Anyway, I had a 10 minute drive in the morning, not 2 hours. Big difference!


Kevin Kane

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Thanks! I had the head cornerworker who posts on the ZX6R forum recommend a hotel for me... $60 a night with the Streets of Willow discount! Well, I'll have my brother with me who will just be watching and taking care of me while I'm at the track. It's cool that the CSS administration allows friends or family to come out because I don't know how I'd get home if the unthinkable happens! :blink::unsure:


Well, being that it's Level 1 and we probably won't test the absolute limits of traction I think I'll be OK.


Now, all I have to figure out is how I can get myself to actually go to SLEEP the night before the track school....

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