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Tyres Vs Cornering

Guest Emanuel

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Guest Emanuel

Can somebody experienced discuss this:

Is there a definitive relation between the tyre size and the ability to lean the bike?

Let's consider the tyres are from a good brand.

This seems to have a obvious answer but... I use to ride a ZZR600 and I own now a XJ600 Yamaha now...budget problems :lol: I'm not a very agreesive rider considering speed but I like to corner at reasonable speeds.

Ocasionaly with my ZZR I use to grab my feet slightly on the tarmac. Yesterday, cornering a little harder with the XJ I was surprised by a front wheel slide...pretty scary also I managed to correct and bring up the bike. This was not a result of any grease or slippery conditions. In fact I've noticed earlier that this bike (maybe tyre profile has some influence) once leaned, reachs a certain point were it seems to dropside suddenly.

It was not a very fast curve, it was a slow, short one and I was leaning steadily the bike and it happened. I ride bikes for 20 years now (doesn't mean I'm doing everything rigth) and I had all kind of bykes except for trail bikes. I've allways asked myself this question...maybe it seem silly but it's not.

Sorry for my english!


Best ride to all



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First thing to check is that the tires are not worn and the pressures are good. If all that is good then you need to figure if you were making the bike slide- overloading the front by being off the throttle, or erratic with the throttle will shove weight to the front and push the tire out. It's important to be sure that immediately you have turned the bike that you do nothing other than roll the throttle ON. If you hesitate, or shut off the throttle, or put the front brake on this will put extra load up front and push the tire out.


Tire size/ brand/quality are much less important on a modern bike. I imagine if the front suspension is extermely stiff that this wouldn't help either but I think it's a rider input issue.


Unless you have those $30 Cheng Shin items on!


Check your throttle inputs in the turn



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I used to have this happen pretty frequently, it turned out I was pushing the bike under me. By doing this, I was using the bike angle and not enough of my body's. My simply moving one of my cheeks entirely off the seat through the corner I eliminated the slides. That and good body positioned learned in level 3. Well worth the investment, as it has payed for itself in the lack of new body work being bought. :P

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