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Grinding The Pegs

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I have a 600RR with stock suspension that was adjusted by Race Tech. The last couple of track days I have been grinding the pegs, especially in the Bowl at The Streets (1:42 best lap). The peg grinding makes me very very nervous. My question is should I install rear sets? My initial thoughts are that without being able to get my knee down (as of yet) to gauge lean angle, the pegs are doing this gauging of lean angle for me. Maybe with rear sets I will end up leaning over too far and low siding? I suspect that my poor body position is in part due to poor physical condition, so I am working on this (situps and bicycling) with hopes of better body position for next track day.

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Did you have your bike sprung for your weight? If so then skills would be the best bet. If you are big and the springs are stock respringing would be a big change. Continuing to drag hard parts is not a good option, and changing the pegs may get you over more but there will always be another thing that drags.


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I did this at Laguna until I worked on body position (level 3 I think). Thanks to Stoney I fixed it. I kept dragging my pegs in 11, turns out I was pushing the bike under me instead of moving one but cheek off (until your crack feels the edge of the seat). By shifting the body over, the bike was able to keep more upright.

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