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Rear Set & Clipon Interchangability For Zx6 & Zx10

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I'm curious to know how interchangeable pieces are between various generations of ZX6s and ZX10s. Specifically, I have a 2007 ZX6, I want to get stock rear sets and clipons for it, for those *ahem* embarassing moments at the track. Which models of ZX6 & ZX10 can I steal parts from? For instance can I use the rear sets for a 2005 ZX6 (636)?




BTW - I know that I could just go get a full kit from Woodcraft, however I can see stock rear sets on E-bay for under $100 and the same for the clipons. I also like the way the stock stuff feels and don't feel a need to change it. But if I do lowside at the track it would be nice to have the stuff already in my track box so I can make the repairs when I get home and not have to wait (and pay) on the dealer to get the parts in.

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I find the best way is to go Kawasaki.com and compare the parts fiche for individual models. Ron Ayers motorsports has a good online fiche that is a little quicker to navigate than the Kawi homepage. It requires a bit of time to look up the various models and jotting down the part numbers but it can be done.

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