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  1. I'll be down to NOLA as soon as possible. Bit busy this summer though. I have big changes in my life I'm about to make so budgets are being adjusted accordingly. And yeah $500 is steep, but it's just money and there is always another client with an emergency that'll pay what I charge to fix it.
  2. The RideSmart event was nearly flawless. Hopefully this will lead to COTA unclinching their sphincter and allow other orgs to hold amatuer events like this. We'll find out soon. I've ridden Mid Ohio, Barber, Oak Hill, Motorsports Ranch and Eagles Canyon. I've also been to Mugello. As a facility COTA is in a league of its own, 4 star all the way. I'll be taking the family to an event there as soon as I see something worth the drive down. The track layout compared to the tracks I've riden is really different. I couldnt make it flow for me and I never got comfortable or went 'fast'. Turn 1 goes up steeply and then flattens as you apex and then you fall off a cliff down in to 2. Once you start picking up the bike though you can just roll on the throttle the whole way down the hill and through 2 without worrying about the brakes. But then you enter 3 which starts the esses. My eyes simply could not track this mess. I couldnt find reference points so it was all very kinestic for me. You don't really turn, just 'jog' the bike side to side, but after 5 you want to push for a wide entrance to 6 because if tightens at the end and again I had trouble finding reference points. coming out of 6 you want to be on the inside to make it up and in to 7 where you want make it back to the inside for 8 where once you are leaned in to you can just roll on and get flat out (10 barely registers). Now you have some speed and you need to get ready for 11 which the CMRA guys were taking in 1st! Even at my leaisurely pace I was in to 4th and going down to 2nd. 11 absolutely sucked for me. It's like riding around a parking lot trying to find a place to land. After 11 you have a long straight (2/3 of a mile?), I topped out around 100 letting the faster riders go around, I could haev comfortably topped 6th gear on my 848 and still have plently of time to gently brake in to 12. 12 again sucks just like 11. For the real riders it was time to get on to the breaks hard and work the shifter back to 1st. 13 is another 817ch of a turn with its decreasing radius entrace, but once you got in you could let the bike drift out to the paint building speed through 14 and going deep in to 15 which is another 7urd that just slams shut on you. But once you're through 15 you can just build throttle again and enjoy 16, 17 and 18. With a little speed you can spend an hour or so going around this set with your knee down the whole time. Very fun turn, I think everybody enjoyed it. Coming out of 18 you can get even faster and barely slow through 19. 19 is a lot faster than it looks, but then you come up on 20 which again is like 11, 12, and 15: just give it up because it's not ever going to be fast. Now go fast down the start finish straight because everybody is watching. From 20 you can see just how much you're going to climb in order to get in to 1. Like I said: I never got comfortable. I could make all sorts of lame excuses, but none of it matters. I had a great time and got to ride what is probably the best race track in the world. I wish Eagles Canyon could be resurfaced this nicely. Part of the issue is that I'm used to the rough ECR surface which actually provides a lot of my reference points. There are dips and bumps at ECR that tell you when to throw the bike in to the turn and stuff. COTA has none of that. No tar snakes, not ripples, patches, just perfect clean grippy surface. If I had relaxed and ridden properly my Duc would have absolutely flown around this place. I can honestly careless about the politics. Schwantz got screwed. I hate that for the guy. If not for him this place probably wouldnt exist. That said: given the opportunity to ride COTA don't miss it. Now, I want to see if I can figure out a way to do a trackday at Mugello.
  3. All good points about the reasons not to go to COTA. RideSmart charged me $500+ a day for the opportunity and I bought both days without hesitation. They sold out the entire allotment in 30 minutes. I would have happily paid $1000 a day for CSS instruction and track day and CSS would probably have sold out in 20 minutes. How often do you get the opportunity to ride on a track like COTA? Also consider all the drama that followed after w/ the dooshbags canceling all events that didn't have deposits already paid. I recently received the email from COTA about the $50K/day track rental for like 36 riders/drivers. So with that ###### going on I doubt there will be too many opportunity for mere squids to get out on COTA for a while. Hopefully the economic reality of running the facility will help them create a more realistic pricing structure. On the other hand: I’d like to ride NOLA too.
  4. I searched and didn't see anything so I had to ask: when?????? I get to ride COTA the first weekend of June with RideSmart so I'm really looking forward to that. But I'd love to get to work with Keith and crew again. Based on what I've seen COTA would be a great place to teach. Maybe 2014?
  5. Well - turns out that the left fork had developed a small leak that I somehow missed! So all of this worry was...not entirely a waste: I did learn some new skills. Anyway - bike has been in the shop getting all the suspension stuff freshened up. We are also going to raise the bike a bike to see if that helps me. The Duc is set up much taller than the zx6 and I really like how it handles. Hopefully all of this will get me back to my happy place so I can get on with the getting the knee down.
  6. Had an off in 2010 so had to lay low w/ the wife and kids for a bit then business got busy....life happened. The upside - I'm back. Turns out 99% of the problem is that one of the forks had developed a small leak which I had not noticed. So the ZX6 is having the suspension redone. Should have it back Tuesday (3/27). In the mean time I'm back from a 4 day break in Northwest Arkansas where me and my new Duc spent some quality time in the hills. I've gotten to know her much better. If business keeps going well I'd like to get another 848 to dedicate to the track.
  7. To me this is all about where you are looking. The whole way through. As I'm warming up I'll come up on corners and get excited so I brake too much because I think I'm going to fast. Then I'm too slow and have to add more throttle, but by then the good stuff is already over. Later in the day when I'm warmed up and I'm working right I'll approach those same corners much faster and get mildly uncomfortable, but instead of over breaking I tend to shift my vision further down (in) to the corner and find that my entrance speed is about right. I might trail out the brakes a hair longer, but that is usually all that is needed at that point. However, we're talking about a race track that I know very well. On a new road or that same race track going backwards - different story - I'm slower than my grandma with one eye and no legs. I've had enough of being gravity's ###### and have nothing to prove to anyone.
  8. Had one occation that really should have been videod and posted: End of a great track day. I mean spectacular. We're loading up trucks and my friend borrows my ramp. I made it myself and being somewhat paranoid it is pretty wide. My friend tosses it up on his truck and gets ready to load his bike. While getting ready he comments about how wide the ramp is, jumps on his bike and says "watch this". He didnt really have the speed and about half way up the ramp his courage fails him. fump! He bailed off the bike and the bike bailed off the ramp. No injuries, just a good story to tell. In hind site we really should have had video cameras going. Especially when the word 'watch this' passed his lips. And as a word of warning to others - as soon as you think 'watch this' or 'this is going to be cool' do a quick reality check before you pull the trigger. Youtube is probably just around the corner.
  9. Funny you mention this. I've had friends and co-workers ask me to teach them. Given my relationship with gravity I always teach them by directing them elsewhere. I'd prefer not to provide too much fodder for these videos.
  10. This stinks... I'm all setup to go to the track tomorrow but the temps are going to be in the 40s (F). Last week they had forecasted 60s. Oh well. Looking forward to getting back to this: and this:
  11. Turns out that using the stands wasnt as brilliant as I thought. The front stand is lower than the rear stand so the bike was leaning forward adding weight to the front. Lesson learned. So now I get to do it all over again.
  12. Just did the front suspension today - zoinks! The bike was previously setup perfectly for me. Or at least I was really comfortable riding it and had the confidence to ride it at my ability level. Now...not even close. Under breaking the front end feels like it is all over the place and then once I lean the bike over it felt like the back end was trying to slide out. I basically backed all the way off b/c I wasnt comfortable. Difference - I've put on 10lbs - joys of being a hot shot software developer. Anyway - I took the measurements. Unfortunately I didnt have a metric tape so I had to use NASCAR units. Forks fully extended are 4.5" from top of the fork bottoms to the bottom of the dust ring. Me dressed in geans, t-shirt and running shoes + all my gear (helmet, back & chest protector, gloves and suit) = 2.75" first time After maxing out the preload ajuster and then going back 1 turn = 3.25" So the best I could get was 1.25" of sag which isn't too far from where you want to be (25mm = .98 inches) I have not done the rear yet, I'll probably do it tomorrow night after work. I now have a choice - 1. get bigger springs front & rear 2. bite the bullet and do what my trainer wants and lose the 10lbs by not stuffing so much food down my pie hole. The two choices are not necassarily mutually exclusive. In fact I probably need to drop my bike off at the shop to have the suspension looked over b/c it seems odd that 10lbs would make that big a difference. Perhaps some fork oil has leaked out or there is something broken.
  13. I've searched and not seen an answer to this yet so... I need to resetup my ZX6. Don't have anyone around to help me. I do have stands though. Rear stand and both a stem stand and a fork stand. Can I use these to do the sage settings? I would assume the stem stand along with the rear stand will let me measure the fork extension. Then the fork stand will let me get the static sag and sag with me on the bike using a zip tie to measure the travel. Not sure how to do the rear though. i need a way to raise the bike until the rear tire starts to lift, get that measurement and the use the rear stand & front stand to measure the static sag and the sag with me on the bike. Am I close?
  14. Thanks. The tires on now are going to be pulled off anyway. I hate wasting anything but the mental aspect of not being confident in my tire makes buying another set worth the investment. The other set will go on and we'll see how they do.
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