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Body Position During Cornering

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Thought I'd post some videos on Highsides... for removal of myth.



Now, no-one, not even superman is saving those babies, though they're caused by the same problem, but what is it I wonder..?



I was looking at my YT stats and discovered this thread. In fact I discovered this forum :D so hello everyone.


That's my video from Rockingham last year - I was having a ball and felt really relaxed, so it came as a major surprise to find myself hurtling through the air. Having checked the data logging it appears that on the previous laps I had applied about 18-20% throttle as I exited that corner; the time I fell off, I applied 35% :blink:


However I have had some correspondence with a coach who watched my video and who has been very helpful in determining what went wrong. Whilst I may have given it too much gas on that particular exit, a lot of the problem stems from the fact that I was going through the corner with a completely closed throttle, so opening it again resulted in a harsh transfer of weight; and also that I am probably hanging on to the bars too much and thereby not allowing the bike to self correct when the rear breaks traction.


I'm really looking forward to putting these theories into practice this year...




Thanks for coming and looking into our site. You're more than welcome, and maybe we can help you out with that their throttle control.


Your friend/your understanding of your problems are very good, you definitely had no stability in the bike, then just wound on too much throttle. A highside was always likely at some point riding like that, certainly when your tyre grip starts to ebb away a little.


i know somewhere you can be helped with your throttle problems my friend. ;)



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Haha, I'm sure you do! If I can I would love to get on a course this year. Presumably some are being run at Silverstone? I live three miles away...


The information I received after posting my video has been enlightening to say the least. If nothing else, it has given me a specific set of goals to apply to my track riding this year.

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