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Just an observation. In reading this forum and others, there are constant questions from new riders about how to make a bike perform better. I would venture to guess that just about any new sport bike will out perform a new riders ability. The best money that a rider could possibly spend would be in what is sitting on the seat and not what is under it. Sound does not really make a bike go faster, go to school. It is the best money you will ever spend.

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While I do agree that training is top priority, I think bike set up, (suspension, tire pressures, tire types, brakes etc.) also need a fair amount of attention. Many students who come to the school begin to outride their set-up within one day, simply because they are cornering faster than they ever have before.


While set-up makes little difference at slow speeds, things like tire pressure, preload, compression and rebound dampening become a pretty big deal at more amusing speeds. This comes from personal experience.


I rode my first sport bike like a demon, and it handled very well. Or so I thought. After taking level one at CSS, I suddenly developed a huge "Chatter" in my front end. I immediately began outriding the factory fork springs and what I was feeling was the forks bottoming-out. Yikes! It turned out that I was soooooooo slow before taking level one, that I had no idea my suspension was improperly set up.


Still, you are right. Training is huge, and along with good saftey gear is the most important investment one can make for riding a motorcycle.

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