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I'm having a little trouble with chicanes recently. I'm finding I'm too "busy" around the direction change point and can't get a consistent reference point for the mid-chicane turn. This makes me rely on gut feel which has me turn too early and run wide/lose drive/crash. Haven't found any chicane-specific guidance in Twist 2 or Soft Science. This wasn't really a big deal before but I've recently gotten a lot faster and now this deficiency in my riding has become very noticable. TIA, Rob

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Hi Rob.


Kieth has got two drills that deal with this, the Knee to knee drill and the hip flick.

Both are designed to get you from one side of the bike to the other without too much or unneeded handlebar input.


Have you done the Schools? It would mean doing Levels 1, 2 and 3 but you would be a much better, more confident rider for the rest of your life so it's a worthwhile investment. Myself, I did just Level One in 1995 and it gave me on average a 6 second a lap improvement :P



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Hi Andy

Thanks for the reply. Nope, haven't done the schools. I'm in South Africa so getting to a school would be prohibitively expensive. I'll have to keep re-reading my books for now. My problem is not so much a steering problem as a location problem. I get it turned fast, but I'm not consistent on location, and after a race or practice I realise I had no reference point for the direction change- I was riding it like I would ride an unfamiliar road, whereas every other turn I have all my locations worked out.

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Chicanes are just two corners flowing from one, straight into the next. So lets split them into two. A left followed by a right.

What is the result you want from the second (last) right corner? Location? Speed? Drive? So we need an entry location and entry speed for the second right corner that will give us the result we want. This entry location and entry speed for the second corner is the result we want from the first left corner. You may have to sacrifice entry speed or location for the first left corner, to get the location and entry speed you want for the second corner. Does this make sense?


Open Twist II to Chapter 23 - Two Step. As the first corner flows into the next, you will need to 'Two Step' whilst you're still leaned over in the first corner, before you turn for the second. Would this help you in a chicane?


Open Soft Science to Chapter V - Location. This will clearly explain a location and its relationship to a plan for a corner.


Rob, you need to get your hands on the Twist Of The Wrist book, as it covers reference points in greater detail (read Chapter 4 - How to use a reference point), and you'll read about the SRs you're experiencing and how to overcome them. If you find that the Twist Of The Wrist doesn't help, I'll personally refund you the cost of the book (I need another copy as mine is falling apart and is held together by post-it notes, covered by highlighter marks and pencilled in notes) :D


Hoping we can get the school to a track in South Africa soon :P



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I would love to bring the Schools to SA - SERIOUSLY! :D The problem I have is no contacts in SA. So tell me:


Do you have a Yamaha Importer?

Apart from Welkome and waht other tracks are there?

Would there be 63 riders who would want to do the courses?

How would I contact them?


All the best



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Thank you, Bones.


That's exactly the kind of info I needed. Had a quick look at Soft Science and will check Twist 2 tomorrow. I have located but not yet read Twist 1.


Andy, I'll get you all the info you've requested. Anything to get you guys out here


Cheers, Rob

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