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Suit Question

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I'm taking the 2-day class in Vegas on April 17th.


I have short legs, and off-the-rack pants rarely fit me. I have a pair of Alpinestars Leather Track pants on the way in the new short size that have a 2" shorter inseam. My question -- are all the suits the school uses 1-piece, or might there be a jacket available that will zip into my pants since the school uses Alpinestars? I'm also going to order an RC-1 jacket to go with the pants but 1) I'd rather not have to pack yet another piece of gear for the flight, and 2) It probably won't be well broken in by the date of the class.


At some point I'll likely order a custom suit, but I'm not quite ready for that and it will take awhile anyway.


Anyone specific info would be greatly appreciated.

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All the suites the school supplies are one piece and we do not offer pants or jackets separately.


By the way the School supplied suites are AGV Sport and we supply Alpine Stars boots and gloves.


Cool, thanks for the getting back to me. I think I'll just bring my two piece suit if I can get it at least a little broken in before the class.

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