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Level 4 Student And School Alum Austin Dehaven Takes Ama Supersport To

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So I know a few of you know Austin, and a few dont.

Austin just turned 16 yrs old a few weeks ago and is now eligible to race AMA supersport. So this last weekend at Infineon raceway Austin made his PRO racing debut at one of the toughest tracks in the country.

With a few nerves he took a 5th place in race one, but in race two with the first race jitters out of the way he took an amazing 4th place finish, that culminated with a drag race to the line banging bars and elbows all the way across, missing out on a podium by .014 of a sec. So close... but a great result none the less.


Austin raced in the front pack all weekend and was always a competitor for the podium. The last lap of race two saw him overtake 3 riders and climb from 6th to third and back to 4th at the line. It was crazy, fun, and exciting.


Also I must say AMA is a whole new place. I have rarely felt so welcome in a paddock. It was organized, friendly and run so professionally. So for those that have felt burned by the issues of the past, I ask put that behind us and lets support the series. It really was a great experience.


So looking forward we are trying to put some sponsorship together to make the rest of the AMA rounds. With Austin showing how competitive he is we really want to go for some more good finishes. So if you all know any companies that might be interested in jumping on board and getting some exposure with a front runner please let us know.. we gotta cover the $2k a weekend tire bill.. haha!!


Lastly we want to thank Keith and the rest of the staff at the school, Austin's amazing progression on the 600 has been mostly in part to the education and dedication of the staff here and there is no way he could have done it without all of you, so this result if for everyone..! next we need that win!


ok here are a few pics of the weekend


over the rise into 9a



on the pit wall with the new paint scheme



signing autographs for the fans during the pregrid fan walk



yeah ok, I am not the hottest umbrella girl..



and on the grid ready for race 2



Eric and Austin

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