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Fun Cornering Exercise For The Street

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Hello All,


I've been trying to understand lines and lean angles better. Just for fun, I've been spending some time following that yellow line around the curves (American roads). Then other times, I'll follow the white line around for awhile. Left turns. Right turns. I'll just stick to that line and see how it feels.


I have found that trying a new line can be a surprisingly scary thing to do--not because it's unsafe, but because it is weird and new and different. The painted lines want to pull your vision off the vanishing point. Trying different lines has certainly helped me learn to TURN HERE! I've also learned that I can take almost any turn with almost any line, but if I don't go outside-inside-outside I'm probably going to have to slow down. Also, on big sweepers on public roads, my line doesn't mean squat.


So, if you are looking for something fun to play attention too, you might try kicking it down a gear and playing with different cornering lines. I found it fun and educational.


Best wishes,


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There's an exercise on level 2 something like this. If I had to pick just one thing that improved my ridng it would be this. On top of a general improvement, being put off-line by other riders on track or experiencing a slide is now so much easier to deal with because of the visual skill used.



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Sometimes I ride over bad pavement on purpose...


trying to be stable on the bike with the body, but relaxed on the bars. The goal is to keep my throttle-hand calm - the rpms must not change when i hit a bump.


Or sometimes I try to hit a mark or a specific point on the road...


... or I try to change through all gears without changing speed...

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