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3 Days At Anderstorp Raceway

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After almost 2 months of track-hiatus (since Easter), I was scheduled for three days at the Scandinavian Raceway Anderstorp, in Sweden.

It's a big (4020meters), fast track with long sweeping turns, which hosted Formula 1 Grand Prix's in the 1970'ies and GP500 was running there up until 1990.


Since the Danish organizers were using local (ie Swedish) hands to handle the marshalling, not all things worked perfectly. Also, it was a rather large trackday, with up to 50 riders in each of four groups - with trackday novices led around the track in the D (slowest) group, and National and International level racers in the A (fastest) group and running Round I & II of a Cup series during the weekend. I participated in the B (second fastest) group, together with two friends.


With that many novices, spills were abundant (yellow and red flags being waved quite a bit) and "rather alternative" lines were used. This was truly the havoc that several others have experienced at trackdays around the globe (but quite unlike CSS). In particular, I had a few incidents going from Turn 3 ("Hansen", a left-hander) into Turn 4 ("The Carousel" a 270 degree right-hander) where novices would take then as two independent turns, instead of cutting it short as an S-combination. At a particular incident, I had to slam the brakes so hard I did a sizeable stoppie, in order to avoid getting hit by another driver changing his line from far to right. After that I waited until I could determine what you were going to do and then go around them the on the outside.


Last time I was at Anderstorp was in 2008, where I recorded a fastest laptime of 1:54:99. By the end of the first day, I had cut out 2 seconds of that, and continued to cut away another two seconds across the next two days, yielding a 1:50.707 lap in the final session - and I know that there's more to be found there.


I had plenty of exercise in using the Pickup Drill and Hook-Turns, as well as working on flushing out old body positioning errors. Pictures taken my one of my friends' GF showed an visible difference in body positioning from the first to the last day! I'm still struggling with selecting good RP and TP's for the big sweepers (Turns 1, 2, 4 and 6) and leaning far enough, but TC and applying enough gas is better much better - so good that I was glad that I used the Pickup Drill, due to the rear tires starting to slide from time to time. The slides weren't very big, but enough for me to notice them and yet not getting into panic mode.


I've brought back around 1150 pics and 4.8GB of video, so it'll take some time to sort through the silt for the gold nuggets.

The ContourHD camera fell off the bike in the final session and took some damage, but the kind folks at VholdR has promised to send be some spare parts - free of charge! How's that for service?


Videos and pictures to follow!



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