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  1. Hitting the Apex is the 4th movie by Mark Neale around the MotoGP scene - the first three being "Faster", "The Doctor, the Tornado and the Kentucky Kid" and "Fastest". All four are really well done and great speaks by Ewan McGregor (the first 3) and Brad Pitt (HtA).
  2. Yamaha has been working on a robot that can ride a conventional motorcycle at speed. The "Motobot" can now ride over 200kp/h and nagivate a racetrack. They pitted it against Valentino on the "West Course" of Thunderhill. http://www.thedrive.com/watch-this/15582/watch-a-robots-attempt-to-beat-valentino-rossis-lap-time Valentino rode a lap in 85.74sec. Motobot in 117secs.
  3. JB, sounds like you had a BLAST of a weekend. Here the track season has come to an end with me getting exactly zero minutes of tracktime in this year, mainly due to bad weather (raining). I was out on track coaching four days, but that doesn't count as tracktime for me.
  4. Congrats Hotfoot. I also picked up Phantom II's recently (part of my summer vacation trip to Portugal & Spain), as replacement for my worn out A* GP Pros. Due to poor weather here (I've been raining almost every single day since July 1st) I haven't had time to try them out except when I was on vacation.
  5. Now that wouldn't be the first time we did that I'm not a trailer expert by any chance, so do go by PitBull & you father-in-law recommends. I switched from open trailer (~7', only had bikes on it) to a closed van in '05 which made any concerns pretty moot for me.
  6. Jaybird, I trust you've seen this demo of right vs wrong weight distribution on a trailer (it's been widely copied around on sites): From this, I'd put the bikes as close to the front as possible.
  7. My first question: what's the mileage on that shock? - It appears that most OEM shocks are not designed to last much longer than 20-25K miles, before the damping oil has deteriorated so much that there is no damping left. One option is to get a used aftermarket shock that can be renovated (and tuned to your weight/riding style). If it was an old bike this might have been your only option for upgrading the shock, as many aftermarket companies stop producing for older generations. Most aftermarket shocks (Öhlins, Penske, WP etc) can be renovated for USD100-150. I'm not in the US, so I'm not sure of the cost.
  8. The SR2 is only getting 3 out of 5 stars https://sharp.dft.gov.uk/helmets/schuberth-sr2/ The highest scoring Schuberth's are the C2 and SR1 with 4/5 stars.
  9. It must have been quite an down & up weekend for Joe. He qualified at the very back of the grid. The race was red-flagged after 7 laps due to track conditions and restarted for 6 laps as a wet race. That was ... a bit chaotic. Joe did very well in the wet race to score a 10th place and racking up 6 points in the championship.
  10. The riders use the rear brake to limit the wheelieing. Having 270bhp 'on tap' does that to you.
  11. Book your plance at CodeRACE early - the spots tend to sell out very quickly.
  12. AGR Moto2 is replacing Columbian Yonny Hernandez with Joe Roberts. Full story at: http://www.crash.net/motogp/news/283316/1/yonny-hernandez-out-at-agr-roberts-in.html
  13. Dave Moss posted a discussion on his facebook profile of Maverick's crash along with 4 pictures. On one of them, it looks like the rear wheel has come off the ground. The asphalt is crowned right there (as normal roads are) and going over the crowning and changing direction at the same time could have caused the crash.
  14. Dang, sorry to hear that for Elena.
  15. No. Maria Herrera is competing in the Moto3 class (the smallest). In 2015, Ana Carrasco competed in Moto3 as well.
  16. Welcome back, Fossil. There are still some of the old (other) fossils hanging out here, although I'm not as active as I used to be.
  17. Accidents like this one, were a busted engine leaks oil across a large piece of the track is pretty rare. They said during the broadcast that this has been discussed before and was likely to be brought up again due to this incident. For me, it doesn't make sense to make a pretty sweeping rule change which only helps once in a blue moon. As an example, a "down and you're out for the race" rule wouldn't have stopped the carnage at last year's Moto3 race at Philip Island, where John McPhee got run over by another rider and punctured his lungs (I think it was both).
  18. I went back and found the scene in Faster - Scene 15, "Rossi & Biaggi Pt 2". Doctor Costa says that Rossi's max HR is 125bpm and the max for Biaggi is 170bpm.
  19. Or Baz in Q1: https://streamable.com/c43cs
  20. Exactly the same for me on my R6. Even though I have a DIY quick-throttle I still wish I had a shorter throw on the trackbike.
  21. If Lance had missed a dash so should have been read as "192bpm average over 4-5min" I would still be floored in awe.
  22. From Lance Armstrong's instagram: 192bpm average over 45min??? OMFG. Definitely lots of core strength and stamina like no other.
  23. Mat Oxley disects Maverick's riding style, along with tidbits about who different it is from Jorge's style. http://www.motorsportmagazine.com/opinion/motogp/what-maverick-s-secret
  24. To get the best experience of the racing (throughout the field), watch it on the screen. But going to the track gives you an entirely different experience - the 'ambience' thing. And finally ... there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!
  25. I'm inseam challenged the opposite way of Cobie, and I prefer to keep the balls of my feet on the pegs as well. Simply because it requires time, energy and attention for me to move my right foot back and forth. For reason I cannot explain, moving my left foot forward/back to operate the gear lever is not a problem for me
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