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Hey From Tennessee

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Just wanted to introduce myself. I have no doubt that I am a newbie, but I am soaking up everything I can. Being in the military, I am lucky enough to be able to attend MSF courses for free. I have completed the BRC as well as the ERC and will be attending the ARC next month sometime.


Seems to me that each person I run into is a subject matter expert on sport riding, I'm all ears, but after a while the collected advice molds itself into a huge mess. Needless to say, I am here in search of the right answers. Although attending the school would be the best way to find those answers, time and money constraints prevent that approach, maybe someday. Until then, the forums will be my fount of knowledge.

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Welcome to the site Mdavis, you will find some great info here! Pop into Keith's articles for some really great technology on riding... search away through the forum for plenty of food for thought.


Keep in mind some here have attended the courses and will be using terms that you my not be familiar with - or worse, terms that you may think you're familiar with but we use them with a different meaning. So if you come across something that interests you and you'd like info expanded upon then fire away, we're all ears.


If you're hungry for the right advice on riding, then this forum is a banquet!




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