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Leatt Neck Brace--Any Good?

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Hello Leather Wearing Racers,


I'm wondering about buying a neck "brace" before I come to CCS, but would love to find something that is comfortable enough to wear on the street. I have a long, sad history of neck injuries starting at age 12. Now that I'm 50, the pain from all these old injuries is starting to grate on me, and my doctors are talking about fusion or plates in the neck. Have any of you used a Leatt neck braces, or maybe even a neck roll? I tried a couple at the store and the "Adventure" brace felt pretty good just standing around. The least expensive brace ($175) felt very restrictive, but I'm not sure if it is adjustable and maybe just needed to be fit to my neck and shoulders. They also make much cheaper football type neck rolls that might do some good and are WAY less expensive. Any feedback would be useful.





Best wishes,


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I use a Leatt brace when riding Motocross and Supermoto. It is really great and I don't even notice that it is there when riding. I have taken a few headers riding MX and I think the brace may have helped in at least one crash. In any case I think it is well worth it when riding offroad.


That said, a brace will not releive any stress on your neck. It is only there to stop hyper extension and durring normal riding it provides no extra support.


I tried riding with it on a roadrace bike and didn't like it. It was hard to get in on over the leathers and it sat to high so it restrcited my head movement. I have seen guys use them road racing, but I think they had to cut their leathers a bit to make it fit right.

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