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Monticello Ny 66...an Omg Track

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Just finished first day doing the 66 config (2.9 miles) at Monticello Motorsports Club and what can I say but I just want to make ALL of you that don't live around here totally jealous. Just an amazing track with perfect traction. It def rivals Barber as my favorite. The back straight is 1 mile long!!! and peeps (NOT ME) get to 165++ on it, but it is all the turns and combos that are so much fun. Anyway...if you are ever around...make sure you ride it (North config is very fun too). Hope to see you all in Sept at CSS TBolt.

When you watch vid don't be too critical of me...i do miss like one turn (well maybe like 1000 turns) but it was my first time on this config (well that is my story and I am sticking to it smile.gif )


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Hell, your lines weren't THAT bad!


I took video of my track days this past Fri/Sat and I wish I had taken a laptop so I could see the results right after each session. I didn't get to see them until I got back home and that was too late to do much good.


The way my camera is mounted the tach is visible (along with the speedo) which would tell me what my throttle was doing. I notice I wasn't shifting very well at high speeds either. I will definitely do this next time.



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