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Pivot Steering Is Like Running!


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Hey all,


I reread the section dealing with pivot steering a few days ago and set out to work on that along with improving my steering rate - a constant goal.


In the book Keith relates a story of a friend that was having difficulty with pivot steering and said that he (Keith) realized that pivot steering was "Double Backward" which is true if you're thinking about leaning to turn and espescially if you subscribe to the "weight the inside peg" method of turning.


As I was practicing it occurred to me that weighting the outside peg and leading with the inside arm felt very natural and familiar - from running! When you are running and want to change direction quickly you plant your outside foot and lead with your inside arm. This realization made pivot steering immediately comfortable and natural which allowed me to do it without spending so much of my attention on it.


So if you're having trouble getting comfortable with the idea of weighting the outside peg this way of thinking about it may be helpful to you.

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In Level III, Keith will show you how this is done but on a static bike in the paddock. That way, he can explain the position and then critique each Level III rider's body position, leg and arm position and movement back and forth across the tank. You not only try it yourself but you get to see what it looks like when your fellow students try it; In a controlled setting like this, you can better understand the technique without the distraction of doing it at speed.


Then when you go back out on the track and integrate this with your other cornering skills, it will all start to become much clearer to you. Once comfortable with it, you will be amazed and how much easier it is to turn the bike.


Kevin Kane

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