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Tire Sourcing

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It seems up through the Q2's you can buy Dunlops from a wide variety of online stores and local bike shops, but a lot of those places don't carry the next level of tires like the D211GPA's. What's the best course of action- just call you, Steve!?

Race Tire Distribution in the USA:


Dunlop motorcycle racing tires in the USA are distributed by 2 sources:


Race Tire Service- Eastern USA 1-800-772-TIRE (800-772-8473)


Erion Racing - Western USA 1-800-700-3599.


You can go to our website for tire information and contact details:



or on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dunlopracing


Currently, Dunlop is transitioning the western USA distributor over to Erion racing. you may see on the web site and facebook page Sport Tire Service. They are the previous distributor. you can call them for tires, but I am sure their stock is almost out.


You will see the website and Facebook page updated shortly.

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