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*blush* What Should I Wear....

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I'll be attending the Pocono school on August 23. I'll be using their gear, and I was just wondering, what would be appropriate attire for wearing under the leathers? (Yes, I'm female.... let's be tactful here... ;) ).

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A pair of bicycle shorts and a sports bra is a good starting point. You could also go with one of the Under Armour type shirts, the darker colors are discrete. Our leathers are one piece, and when you are in the classroom you will probobly want to have the upper half of the suit off so you can cool down. The main thing is that you feel comfortable. Most people at the schools are mature and won't we gawking or acting foolish about having a woman around.

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I'll be at the Aug 23 School too... I've tried a few different items under my leathers. Definitely go with the bicycle shorts and if you can find summer weight bicycle tights that go over your knees that might make it more comfortable around the knee armour. I personally didn't like the Under Armour shirts because they are really skin tight. but they are breathable and they wick the moisture away from your skin. I found a shirt at EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports) That fits loose but also is made out of light weight wicking material. However, if you are in a 1 piece suit the skin tight stuff will make getting in and out of it easier.


See you Monday,



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