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Tires For Level 1

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I'm doing level 1 @ Pocono on Monday the 23rd. I've been told that level 1 will focus more on visual skills and cornering and less on speed and lean angle etc. I currently have a good set of Metzler Sporttech M1's on the bike with at least 90% tread that I'm sure will be more then adequate. However, I also have a set of Pirelli Super Corsa's that have 1 track day on the front and the rear is brand new. Having them Mounted & ballanced is not an issue because I do them myself. My question is do you think I should mount up the Pirelli's or save them for track day's where I might get more use out of the higher performance tire?




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I'm with Stu Man on this one. Just because you are riding in level I doesn't mean that you're not going to need good tires. Pocono East is a technical track; 11 turns in 1.6 miles and if they install a chicane at the end of the back straight, it will be 12 turns. You will use your tires here so don't be short sighted; mount the Super Corsa's.



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